Avoid These Five Mistakes When Submitting Your Business Plan To Raise Investment Funds

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Avoid These Five Mistakes When Submitting Your Business Plan To Raise Investment Funds

Any potential investor will want to see a readable and credible business plan that includes a summary, management team overview, and financial information, but after submitting a plan, many assume that funding will be forthcoming quickly, And in reality this may take time.By following these steps, you’ll be able to avoid some of the most obvious mistakes when raising money for your project

One – If you are a company with great technical knowledge but no real sales expertise, don’t advertise. The information on your website (including management team biographies) will clearly describe the background of the management team, including their technical expertise, degrees, patents, etc., but surprisingly, the go-to-market strategy in their business plans is often incomplete , sometimes even missing. The solution is to ensure you have a solid go-to-market strategy with solid sales leaders. If you don’t, no one will invest.

Two – Make sure your website is stunning. Too many companies believe that running their business depends entirely on the capabilities of their product and technology teams – and frankly that’s not the case. That may be true, but today investors always expect to see more. They want to be convinced, and when they land directly on your website, they want to be wowed! Unfortunately, a lot of people offer stuff that looks more like a school project. Make sure your website is outstanding and doesn’t look cheap. Ask a variety of people if it looks modern, if it looks attractive, especially photos, and ask if it’s easy to navigate. Also make sure it’s relevant – it’s not about how great you are, but about how you and your company will solve their challenges.

Three – If you are raising funds through a prospectus or private listing, make sure your brochure is informative. Many people don’t invest enough time and effort into appreciating the visual appeal of a private listing manual, and you don’t want to deliver a substandard document that will fail on every level. Spend some time and money to ensure that you convey your message in a professional, clear, business-like way that is logical and easy to read. Don’t use random, unverifiable facts either – make sure you back up everything you say with the latest research, etc.

4. Don’t use jargon. Anyone who visits your website or views any promotional material designed to answer a question will not accept jargon that often means nothing to them. If you must use jargon or acronyms, make sure there’s an explanation – people don’t ask and they’ll vote with their feet!Well-written websites and brochures are music to the ears of potential investors

Five – Make sure you have the same font on your website and all other materials. Make sure supporting marketing materials look great and that the stories you tell are verifiable and relevant. Finally, please don’t be argumentative, people make decisions on quality, this includes look and feel and an overall professional approach. If you can use the appropriate references from the appropriate companies. Don’t add content for the sake of adding content, it has to be contextual and relevant!

Follow these tips and life on the road to raising money will get easier.

Source by Marc Bandemer